MPC Hunter Pace October 29, 2017 Cancelled due to weather!! Today (Saturday) is a beautiful day to ride, but that won’t be the case tomorrow (Sunday). The forecast, now within a 24-hour window, is for overnight rain followed by thunderstorms from mid-morning through the early afternoon. Mother Nature, who has smiled on MPC’s hunter paces for many, many years, looks like she is giving us a direct hit of stormy weather this year. So, sadly, MPC is cancelling tomorrow’s annual hunter pace in honor of Barbara Meyer. Discretion is the better part of valor. Checks for entries will be torn up or returned (donations, however, always gratefully accepted). Millbrook Pony Club very much thanks all of you for your support. Many of you sent in entries and then hung in there waiting on the weather. We know that some of you diehards would have come and ridden even in a deluge. But the reality is that conditions are unlikely to be either safe or pleasant enough to permit us to send you out on course (or, for that matter, to subject our terrific group of volunteers to the elements). We also a large debt of gratitude to Kevin Malloy, who had a great course all set up and ready to go for us at Wethersfield. They remain open for another three weeks, so you still have some time to enjoy their fabulous facility this year, just without the thrills and excitement of a hunter pace, or the chili. As ever, thanks also to Brian Wilcox at Connecticut Photo and to Jamie Manning at Manning Saddle Restoration. Though MPC doesn’t have a rain date in our plans, we very much look forward to having you with us next year. Disappointing as this may be, fear not, however, intrepid hunter pacers, as next week, the Hudson Valley Pace Series continues with gusto with the Series wrap-up at Locust Hill, and the week after that, for those who just can’t stay out of the saddle, is Rombout Hunt’s pace. Enjoy yourselves, and your horses, with responsible abandon. Happy trails to all

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